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Set Up & Guides

Get connected to the Sabre Platform using Corporate Air step-by-step instructions.

API Reference

Learn how to make requests for shopping and booking flights. Our APIs are easy-to-use, REST/JSON, and well documented to help you build world-class travel applications.

Change Log

Has it been a while? Want to see what's new? Visit our change log for a summary of all new features and resolved issues.

Corporate Air

Our portfolio of Corporate Air APIs includes shopping, booking, canceling, and modifying. Everything you need.

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Site Management

APIs that support advanced site management automating site creation and configuration.

These APIs are coming soon!

Expense Integration

Capture travel expenses, and send them directly to the expense processor. Push button submit.

These APIs are coming soon!

Why use Sabre Corporate Travel Services?

Sabre is the world's largest provider of airline and hotel technology, developing cutting-edge solutions for the near US$8 trillion travel industry.

Powerful Technology

Sabre uses RESTful APIs/JSON because it's a modern technique widely supported on frontend and backend tech stacks.

APIs Made Right

Sabre makes your life easier by managing policy and preferences so you can focus on what you do best.

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Every minute, we serve thousands of searches, board thousands of passengers, and process hundreds of bookings.


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To get started, contact your Sabre account representative to learn more about our portfolio of Corporate Travel Services.

"A fantastic developer experience is our number one goal. We set out to make our APIs clean, consistent, and highly capable. They power the travel industry, and we want them to empower your products. Happy coding!"

Ken Tabor,

Sabre Developer Experience

"Our goal is to abstract the complexities of travel with robust APIs that are designed to meet the expectations of today's developers."

Julian Macagno,

Sabre Product Manager